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Supplemental material: Three-dimensional geologic modeling of the Santa Rosa Plain, California

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posted on 01.06.2010, 00:00 by Donald S. Sweetkind, Emily M. Taylor, Craig A. McCabe, Victoria E. Langenheim, Robert J. McLaughlin
Geosphere, June 2010, v. 6, p. 237-274, doi:10.1130/GES00513.1, Figure 1 - Zipped file containing a RockPlot3D (http://www.rockware.com/downloads/trialware.php#R February 2010) image of the three-dimensional (3D) lithologic model. This 3D image corresponds to Figure 8B and presents vertical sections cut through the 3D solid lithologic model in three dimensions. File size is 5.2 MB.


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