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Supplemental material: The architecture of oceanic plateaus revealed by the volcanic stratigraphy of the accreted Wrangellia oceanic plateau

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posted on 2010-02-01, 00:00 authored by Andrew R. Greene, James S. Scoates, Dominique Weis, Erik C. Katvala, Steve Israel, Graham T. Nixon
Geosphere, February 2010, v. 6, p. 47-73, doi:10.1130/GES00212.1, Supplemental Data File 5 - Wrangellia ages and biostratigraphy. This Microsoft Excel file contains three worksheets. (1) The Age worksheet contains ~750 isotopic ages for units assigned to Wrangellia. Most of this data was extracted from the CordAge 2004 database and was supplemented by ~50 ages not in the CordAge database, mostly from Alaska. Samples of the Coast and Insular Belts are included, based on their location, and caution should be used in deciding whether samples are actually located within Wrangellia. CordAge 2004 (a database of isotopic age determinations for rock units from the Canadian Cordillera) is an MS-Access based database, consisting of the merged datasets of the publically available products BCAge 2004A-1 (released October 2004; Breitsprecher and Mortensen (2004a)) and YukonAge 2004 (released July, 2004; Breitsprecher and Mortensen (2004b)). The compilation contains all reported non-proprietary isotopic age determinations for bedrock units from British Columbia and Yukon Territory, respectively: 9321 age determinations from 5997 rock samples, summarizing 778 published articles, theses, reports or unpublished sources. Katrin Breitsprecher offered assistance with extracting this information. The user is referred to Breitsprecher and Mortensen (2004a, 2004b) for information about the rating system of ages (Rel_rating column; column H) and other details. The database should not be cited as the source of the age. Age determinations should be cited to the original source, which is provided in each record of the database. (2) The Age_refs worksheet contains the information of the references for the age compilation listed in the Age worksheet (described above). The ref no column (column A) in the Age_refs worksheet refers to the Ref No column (column L) in the Age worksheet. (3) The Biostratigraphy worksheet is a compilation of 75 fossil age determinations from published literature related to Wrangellia. The full reference where each determination is published is included in column B and the region is shown in column E. All of the age ranges are plotted in Figure 8 according to the region indicated in column E. The low and high ages for each age range use the age boundaries for epochs and stages from Gradstein et al. (2004). Age boundaries for the Triassic are from Ogg (2004) and revised based on Furin et al. (2006).


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