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Supplemental material: Testing sequence stratigraphic models by drilling Miocene foresets on the New Jersey shallow shelf

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posted on 2013-09-13, 00:00 authored by Kenneth G. Miller, Gregory S. Mountain, James V. Browning, Miriam E. Katz, Donald Monteverde, Peter J. Sugarman, Hisao Ando, Maria A. Bassetti, Christian J. Bjerrum, David Hodgson, Stephen Hesselbo, Sarp Karakaya, Jean-Noel Proust, Marina Rabineau
Geosphere, October 2013, v. 9, p. 1236-1256, doi:10.1130/GES00884.1, Supplemental Figure 5 - Uninterpreted (top) and interpreted (bottom) seismic profile Oc270 Line 529 highlighting the m5.4 composite sequence. Scales are two-way travel-time (TWTT) in seconds and Common Depth Point. Approximate scale in km is given. Vertical red line indicates location of Site M28. Arrows indicate reflector termination. Red are sequence boundaries, blue are transgressive surfaces, green are maximum flooding surfaces, and shades of yellow are other reflectors. Numbers (0 to 21) are arbitrary designations. File size is ~1 MB.


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