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Supplemental material: Simulated tsunami inundation for a range of Cascadia megathrust earthquake scenarios at Bandon, Oregon, USA

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posted on 2013-11-13, 00:00 authored by Robert C. Witter, Yinglong J. Zhang, Kelin Wang, George R. Priest, Chris Goldfinger, Laura Stimely, John T. English, Paul A. Ferro
Geosphere, December 2013, v. 9, p. 1783-1803, doi:10.1130/GES00899.1, Plate 1 - Tsunami inundation map for Bandon, Oregon, showing simulated tsunami flooding for five Cascadia earthquake scenarios using the hypothetical splay fault rupture model and a range of slip distributions. Splay fault rupture scenarios used to model tsunami inundation shown on this map include Extra Extra Large (XXL 1, blue), Extra Large (XL 1, green), Large (L 1, yellow), Medium (M 1, orange), and Small (SM 1, red).


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