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Supplemental material: Revisiting silicate authigenesis in the Pliocene–Pleistocene Lake Tecopa beds, southeastern California: Depositional and hydrological controls

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posted on 2008-06-01, 00:00 authored by Daniel Larsen
Geosphere, June 2008, v. 4, p. 612-639, doi:10.1130/GES00152.1, Plate 2 - Color overlay of mineralogical facies along cross-section A–A′ including sections LT-7, LT-3, LT-6, LT-4, LT-2, and LT-1. Mineralogical abbreviations: Ab—albite; Aksp—authigenic potassium feldspar; An—analcime; Cc—calcite; Ch—chabazite; Chl—chlorite; Cl—clinoptilolite; Dol—dolomite; Er—erionite; Fsp—undifferentiated feldspars; Gl—glass; Gyp—gypsum; Hal—halite; I—illite; Ksp—undifferentiated potassium feldspar; Mag—magadiite; M—undifferentiated mica; M(I)—illite; Mic—microcline; Mo—mordenite; OC-T—opal C-T; Pa—palygorskite; Ph—phillipsite; Q—quartz; Se—sepiolite; Sm—smectite; Srl—searlesite; Tri—tridymite. Mineral abundances: major—bold font; common—normal font; minor—italic font; trace—italic font with question mark. See Plate 1 for grain size abbreviations. File size is 0.2 MB.


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