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Supplemental material: Rates and style of Cenozoic deformation around the Gonghe Basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau

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posted on 12.11.2014, 00:00 authored by William H. Craddock, Eric Kirby, Huiping Zhang, Marin K. Clark, Jean-Daniel Champagnac, Daoyang Yuan
Geosphere, December 2014, v. 10, p. 1255-1282, doi:10.1130/GES01024.1, Supplemental File - The Supplemental File contains four tables and three figures. Table DR1: Summary apatite fission-track age data. Table DR2: Summary apatite fission-track length data. Tables DR3 and DR4: Apatite fission-track age and length data. Figure DR1: Field photographs of growth strata in the proximal footwall of the eastern Qinghai Nan Shan. Figure DR2: Outcrop-scale growth strata at a nearby location. Figure DR3: Field photograph of an angular unconformity between M2 strata and PQ strata along the southwestern margin of Tongde basin.


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