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Supplemental material: Quaternary sector collapses of Nevado de Toluca volcano (Mexico) governed by regional tectonics and volcanic evolution

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posted on 2008-10-01, 00:00 authored by G. Norini, L. Capra, G. Groppelli, A.M.F. Lagmay
Geosphere, October 2008, v. 4, p. 854-871, doi:10.1130/GES00165.1, Supplemental File 1 - Geographic information system (GIS) database. Geological map of the domes and debris avalanche deposits younger than 50 ka, main structures of the Tenango fault system traversing the Nevado de Toluca edifice, and topography (contour lines every 100 m, Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografía y Informática INEGI). The database files are in shapefile format (ESRI) and are compatible with free and open source software (e.g., Quantum GIS, File size is 6.1 MB.


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