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Supplemental material: Origins of large crescent-shaped bedforms within the axial channel of Monterey Canyon, offshore California

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posted on 2010-11-22, 00:00 authored by Charles K. Paull, William Ussler III, David W. Caress, Eve Lundsten, Jacob A. Covault, Katherine L. Maier, Jingping Xu, Sean Augenstein
Geosphere, December 2010, v. 6, p. 755-774, doi:10.1130/GES00527.1, Supplemental Figure 4 - PDF file of photographs of the surface of longitudinally split vibra cores that are schematically illustrated in text Figure 9 showing the variation in lithologies within the 19 core transect 2 extending perpendicular to the canyon axis (text Fig. 3). Cores are arranged from south to north in the same order as in text Figure 9. Part A consists of the 7 southernmost cores (V3110 VC-134, V3111 VC-135, V3097 VC-121, V3109 VC-133, V3108 VC-132, V3107 VC-131, and V3096 VC-120); Part B consists of the middle 6 cores (V3114 VC-138, V3102 VC-126, V3098 VC-122, V3099 VC-123, V3113 VC-137, and V3103 VC-127); and Part C consists of the 6 northernmost cores (V3100 VC-124, V3112 VC-136, V3105 VC-129, V3101 VC-125, V3104 VC-128, and V3106 VC-130). Core liner has a 7.8 cm inside diameter. File size is 0.4 MB.


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