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Supplemental material: Magnitudes and spatial patterns of erosional exhumation in the Sevier hinterland, eastern Nevada and western Utah, USA: Insights from a Paleogene paleogeologic map

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posted on 16.07.2012, 00:00 by Sean P. Long
Geosphere, August 2012, v. 8, p. 881-901, doi:10.1130/GES00783.1, Plate 3 - Exhumation contour map of the Sevier hinterland. The map contours vertical kilometers of rock that were eroded beneath the top of the Triassic section, prior to deposition of Paleogene sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Contoured stratigraphic thicknesses are estimated in 921 places; the locations and magnitudes of individual data points are in Supplemental Figure 1 (see footnote 1). This map is intended to be viewed at a size of 17.0 x 22.8 in.