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Supplemental material: In situ high-pressure and high-temperature X-ray microtomographic imaging during large deformation: A new technique for studying mechanical behavior of multiphase composites

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posted on 2011-02-01, 00:00 authored by Yanbin Wang, Charles Lesher, Guillaume Fiquet, Mark L. Rivers, Norimasa Nishiyama, Julien Siebert, Jeffery Roberts, Guillaume Morard, Sarah Gaudio, Alisha Clark, Heather Watson, Nicolas Menguy, Francois Guyot
Geosphere, February 2011, v. 7, p. 40-53, doi:10.1130/GES00560.1, Animation 3 - Three-dimensional tomographic image of sample A after recovery from the high-pressure–high-temperature shear deformation experiments. The sample became a thin disk, ~1.5 mm in diameter and 0.3 mm in thickness. Images collected at Advanced Light Source. File size is 35.2 MB.


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