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Supplemental material: Geologic history of Siletzia, a large igneous province in the Oregon and Washington Coast Range: Correlation to the geomagnetic polarity time scale and implications for a long-lived Yellowstone hotspot

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posted on 2014-07-14, 00:00 authored by Ray Wells, David Bukry, Richard Friedman, Doug Pyle, Robert Duncan, Peter Haeussler, Joe Wooden
Geosphere, August 2014, v. 10, p. 692-719, doi:10.1130/GES01018.1, Supplemental File - Zipped file containing: (1) 6 tables: Table DR1: Coccolith CP zones in Oregon and Washington Coast Range Paleogene strata; Table DR2: U-Pb TIMS ages, Tillamook Highlands, OR; Table DR3: U-Pb TIMS data, Tillamook Highlands, OR; Table DR4: U-Pb SHRIMP ages, Siletz R. Volcanics and Grays R. Volcanics, OR and WA; Table DR5: Detrital Zircon ages, Tyee Fm. OR and base of Crescent Fm. WA; Table DR6: 40Ar/39Ar plateau ages for OR-WA Siletz River Volcanics; (2) a Word doc describing the animation of origin and accretion of Siletzia and Yakutat terranes in GPlates; and (3) a .mov file containing Siletzia-Yakutat terrane origin and File size is ~33 MB.


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