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Supplemental material: Geologic and structural controls on rupture zone fabric: A field-based study of the 2010 Mw 7.2 El Mayor–Cucapah earthquake surface rupture

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posted on 2015-05-13, 00:00 authored by Orlando J. Teran, John M. Fletcher, Michael E. Oskin, Thomas K. Rockwell, Kenneth W. Hudnut, Ronald M. Spelz, Sinan O. Akciz, Ana Paula Hernandez-Flores, Alexander E. Morelan
Geosphere, June 2015, v. 11, p. 899-920, doi:10.1130/GES01078.1, Supplemental File 4 - Google Earth KMZ file containing the geologic mapping of the master fault zones that ruptured in the 2010 El Mayor–Cucapah earthquake. The mapped extents were used to derive the fault zone thickness. The KMZ file can be viewed in Google Earth.


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