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Supplemental material: Carbon-isotope stratigraphy from terrestrial organic matter through the Monterey event, Miocene, New Jersey margin (IODP Expedition 313)

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posted on 2013-09-13, 00:00 authored by Linhao Fang, Christian J. Bjerrum, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Ulrich Kotthoff, Francine M.G. McCarthy, Baoqi Huang, Peter W. Ditchfield
Geosphere, October 2013, v. 9, p. 1303-1318, doi:10.1130/GES00851.1, Supplemental File - Excel file that contains the following datasets: carbon-isotope values of organic sedimentary components, carbon-isotope values of foraminfers; bulk rock pyrolysis parameters; and palynological assemblages.


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