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Supplemental material: Alpine-scale 3D geospatial modeling: Applying new techniques to old problems

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journal contribution
posted on 2007-12-01, 00:00 authored by Douglas Paton, Mary Carr, Bruce Trudgill, Hugo Ortner, Donald A. Medwedeff
Geosphere, December 2007, v. 3, p. 527-549, doi: 10.1130/GES00093.1. Animation 3 - Generation of structural ribbons using geological contacts and structural domains. These ribbons are then interpolated into the subsurface. Two scenarios for the Top Pre-growth surface are shown that are constrained by the same structural ribbon. Scenario 1 is derived through a simple interpolation constrained by the structural ribbon. In scenario 2, the fold axis derived from outcrop data is projected into the subsurface and used to constrain the alternative surface. Using a priori knowledge, in this case that the fold axes are parallel structures at depth with little change in vertical offset, subsequent surfaces can be generated from their respective structural ribbons. File size is 5.8 MB.


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