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Supplemental material: A 6600 year earthquake history in the region of the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman subduction zone earthquake

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posted on 2015-11-12, 00:00 authored by Jason R. Patton, Chris Goldfinger, Ann E. Morey, Ken Ikehara, Chris Romsos, Joseph Stoner, Yusuf Djadjadihardja, Udrekh, Sri Ardhyastuti, Eddy Zulkarnaen Gaffar, Alexis Vizcaino
Geosphere, December 2015, v. 11, p. 2067-2129, doi:10.1130/GES01066.1, Supplemental File S2 - Core geophysics and age control methods. A general overview of core geophysics acquisition methods is presented; age control methods are discussed. The OxCal code for the regional age model is presented, followed by the output “log” file and a plot of the probability density functions for this age model.


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