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Supplemental Material: Unconformity-bounded rift sequences in Terreneuvian‒Miaolingian strata of the Caledonian Highlands, Atlantic Canada

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posted on 21.07.2022, 20:48 authored by José Javier Álvaro, et al.

Supplemental Material 1. Faulted contact of the Handren Hill Member with the Ediacaran Coldbrook Group along eastern Hanford Brook. Supplemental Material 2. Field photograph of the upper part of the Quaco Road Member in the Somerset Street section (southwestern margin) illustrating faults related to the disappearance of nearly the whole Mystery Lake Member and the entire Skiagia-Fimbriaglomerella Zone (Palacios et al., 2011). Supplemental Material 3. Setting of Landing and MacGabhann’s (2010) “diamictite” in lower Mystery Lake Member on Hanford Brook.