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Supplemental Material: The dynamic floor of Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, USA: The last 14 k.y. of hydrothermal explosions, venting, doming, and faulting

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posted on 2022-04-01, 18:13 authored by L.A. Morgan, et al.
Table S1: Coring locations, site data, and geologic environment. Table S2: Chemical data from electron microprobe analyses of glass grains from Yellowstone tephra samples and from established standard samples of Mazama tephra, Glacier Peak tephra, and Yellowstone rhyolites. Table S3: Characteristics of limnic facies in sediments from Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, USA, modified after Tiller (1995). Table S4: Estimates of deposit volumes from Mary Bay and Elliott’s Crater hydrothermal explosions and energy produced.