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Supplemental Material: Structural relationship between the Karakoram and Longmu Co fault systems, southwestern Tibetan Plateau, revealed by ASTER remote sensing

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posted on 2018-08-01, 00:00 authored by Wendy Bohon, Kip V. Hodges, Alka Tripathy-Lang, J Ramón Arrowsmith, Christopher Edwards
Geosphere, August 2018, v. 14, p. 1837-1850, doi:10.1130/GES01515.1, Supplemental Figures. Figure S1: Laboratory spectra from three different granitoid samples within the Ladakh batholith. Figure S2: Correlation between units mapped in this study and units from the Phillips (2008) map. Figure S3: Comparison of mapping done by Sinha et al. (1999) and the mapping done in this study. Figure S4: Field photos from transect along the Shyok River.


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