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Supplemental Material: Stratigraphy, age, and provenance of the Eocene Chumstick basin, Washington Cascades; implications for paleogeography, regional tectonics, and development of strike-slip basins

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posted on 21.01.2021, 22:06 authored by Erin E. Donaghy, et al.
(1) Descriptions of spatial and temporal stratigraphic thickness variations in the Chumstick basin and methods for sediment accumulation rate calculations, (2) Detailed descriptions and photographs of each lithofacies association of the Chumstick Formation defined in the text of the manuscript, (3) Tables of raw and summary conglomerate clast count data for each member of the Chumstick Formation, (4) Summary tables of conglomerate detrital modes for each member of the Chumstick Formation, (5) Summary tables and age probability plots of detrital zircon ages from each sandstone sample collected within the Chumstick Formation, (6) Conglomerate clast raw data from LaCasse (2013) and (7) Tables of detrital zircon raw data from each individual sandstone sample within the Chumstick Formation (Donaghy, 2015).