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Supplemental Material: Pyroxenite melting at subduction zones

journal contribution
posted on 2023-01-20, 20:10 authored by Emilie E. Bowman, Mihai N. Ducea

Data filtering methods, crustal thickness calculations, spatial averaging methods, error calculations, sample locations, Zn/Fe versus Al2O3 for subarc peridotites, Zn/Fe-crustal thickness correlation for samples with MgO >10 wt%, Dy/Yb, Ba/Nb, and Th/Nb ratios as a function of crustal thickness, copper contents of peridotite- versus pyroxenite-derived melts, the filtered and spatially averaged global geochemical compilation created and used in this study, and the compilation of experimental melts of silica-deficient pyroxenites. 


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