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Supplemental Material: Microporphyritic and microspherulitic melt grains, Hiawatha crater, Northwest Greenland: Implications for post-impact cooling rates, hydration, and the cratering environment

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posted on 04.11.2021, 23:43 by Adam Garde, et al.
Table S1: EMP analyses of Hiawatha melt grains, detrital minerals and EMP standards, and compositions of reference points shown in Figure 15; Figure S1: Felsic melt grain 21J-t03 with mordenite microspherulites and perlitic fractures; Figure S2: Felsic melt grain 21J-z40 with microspherulitic mordenite, fragments of quartz and plagioclase as well as perlitic fractures with hydrothermal alteration. Mordenite microspherulites mixed with Al-Si glass predominate.