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Supplemental Material: Metamorphic evolution and geochronology of the tectonic mélange of the Dongbatu and Mogutai blocks, middle Dunhuang orogenic belt, northwestern China

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posted on 01.06.2018, 00:00 by Daniel Evan Portner, Jonathan R. Delph, C. Berk Biryol, Susan L. Beck, George Zandt, A. Arda Özacar, Eric Sandvol, Niyazi Türkelli
Geosphere, June 2018, v. 14, p. 907-925, doi:10.1130/GES01617.1, Supplemental Material. Figures (S1) crustal thickness map, (S2) tradeoff analysis, (S3) hit quality maps, (S4) average velocity peturbations by layer, (S5) checkerboard analysis 3 in map view, (S6) checkerboard analysis in cross section, (S7) synthetic recovery test 1, (S8) synthetic recovery test 2, (S9) synthetic recovery test 3, (S10) noise recovery test, (S11) results in map view with discrete color scale, and (S12) results in cross section with discrete color scale.