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Supplemental Material: Mesozoic crustal melting and metamorphism in the U.S. Cordilleran hinterland: Insights from the Sawtooth metamorphic complex, central Idaho

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posted on 2020-12-16, 22:42 authored by Chong Ma, et al.
Geologic map of the Sawtooth metamorphic complex (Fig. S1), sample outcrop photos (Fig. S2), whole-rock spider diagrams (Fig. S3), plots of igneous zircon trace element versus zircon age (Fig. S4), rare earth element patterns of igneous zircons (Fig. S5), details of analytical methods, sample information (Table S1), whole-rock elemental data (Table S2), zircon U-Pb data (Table S3), titanite U-Pb and trace element data (Table S4), zircon trace element data (Table S5), and zircon Lu-Hf data (Table S6).