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Supplemental Material: Location and shape of the Lhasa terrane prior to India-Asia collision

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posted on 2022-11-16, 15:51 authored by Weiwei BianWeiwei Bian, et al.

The supplemental material contains further illustrations of hysteresis loops (Fig. S1), k-T curves (Fig. S2), equal-area projections of the specimen-mean directions of the low-temperature component (Fig. S3), equal-area projections of the site-mean directions of the intermediate-temperature component (Fig. S4), hysteresis parameter for individual specimens at room temperature (Table S1), intermediate-temperature component directions for the Duoni Formation red beds (Table S2), high-temperature component directions for the Duoni Formation red beds (Table S3), and summary of the available Cretaceous paleomagnetic results from the Shiquanhe, Gerze, Cuoqin, Maxiang, Linzhou, and Naqu areas in the Lhasa terrane (Table S4).