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Supplemental Material: Latest Permian–Triassic magmatism of the Taimyr Peninsula: New evidence for a connection to the Siberian Traps large igneous province

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posted on 04.11.2021, 22:57 authored by Mikhail Kurapov, et al.
Table S1: Results for the SIMS SHRIMP and LA–ICPMS U-Pb zircon analysis. Table S2: Ar–Ar analytical data for studied samples. Table S3: Rb–Sr, Sm-Nd isotopic data of studied samples. Table S4: Major and trace element analyses of studied samples with the coordinates of studied samples (WGS84 projection). Figure S1: BSE–CL images of zircon grains from the studied granites. Figure S2: Concordia and weighted average diagrams for studied granites. Figure S3: Ar–Ar spectra on biotite and amphibole for studied latest Permian–Triassic granites.