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Supplemental Material: Late Triassic successive amalgamation between the South China and North China blocks: Insights from structural analysis and magnetic fabrics study of the Bikou Terrane and its adjacent area, northwestern Yangtze block, central China

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posted on 2021-12-03, 21:19 authored by Zhenhua Xue, Wei Lin, et al.
Text: Basic principles of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS); Figure S1: Photographs of supplementary shearing indicators of the structural kinematics; Figure S2: Complete magnetic hysteresis data set for specimen selected from 34 sites; Figure S3: Measurements of isothermal remanent magnetization of specimen selected from 34 representative sites of the Bikou Terrane; Figure S4: Thermo-magnetic experiments of specimen selected from 12 representative sites; Figure S5: Mrs/Ms versus Hcr/Hc diagram from the selected specimen of the representative sites to define the size of magnetite; Figure S6: Stereographic projection of the AMS directional fabrics and structural fabrics.