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Supplemental Material: Late Mesozoic subduction-accretion in the southern Qiangtang: Insights from the Sumxi igneous complex of west-central Tibet

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posted on 2023-11-16, 18:34 authored by Chao Wang, Fulong Cai, et al.

Text S1: Analytical methods; Figure S1: Nb versus selected element variations to highlight the effects of alteration and metamorphism for Sumxi basalts and basaltic andesites; Figure S2: U/Yb vs. Nb/Yb (ratios in log10) and U/Yb vs Y diagrams of zircons from the Sumxi igneous rocks; Table S1: Zircon U–Pb isotope data; Table S2: Trace element data of zircons; Table S3: Zircon Lu–Hf isotope data; Table S4: whole-rock major (wt. %), trace (ppm) elements and Sr–Nd isotopes.