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Supplemental Material: Inhomogeneous thinning of a cratonic lithospheric keel by tectonic extension: The Early Cretaceous Jiaodong Peninsula–Liaodong Peninsula extensional provinces, eastern North China craton

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posted on 2020-04-03, 00:00 authored by J. Liu, et al.
GSA Data Repository Item 2020181, GSA Bulletin. File size: about 253 KB. DR1: Sampling strategy and analytical techniques; DR2: U-Pb zircon data for samples SL0827 and SL0768x from the LEP; DR3: Samples, sampling locations and age dating results of volcanic and plutonic rocks with precise dating information from the literature and the present study from LEP and JEP; DR4: Whole rock geochemistry of samples from DR3; DR5: Sr-Nd isotopes of the samples from DR3; DR6: Major early Cretaceous extensional structural associations in the JEP.