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Supplemental Material: How headward erosion breaches upstream paleolakes: Insights from dated longitudinal fluvial terrace correlations within the Sanmen Gorge, Yellow River

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posted on 2022-07-29, 17:04 authored by Hao Liang, et al.

Text: Lithostratigraphy; field sampling, methods, and pretreatments; terrace description in basin area. Table S1: Established ages of the Chinese loess-paleosol sequence. Table S2: Geographic information for terrace strath locations in the Sanmen Gorge. Table S3: Geographic information for erosional landform locations in the Sanmen Gorge. Figure S1: Total dose (De) distributions for OSL samples. Figure S2: Luminescence signals and decay curves of OSL samples. Figure S3: Photos of fluvial landforms and deposits.