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Supplemental Material: Growth of the southern Tian Shan-Pamir and its impact on central Asian climate

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posted on 2022-08-03, 19:34 authored by Fabiana Richter, et al.

Supplementary Methods 1: Structure and Shortening. Supplementary Methods 2: Trishear modeling. Supplementary Data 1: References for compiled thermochronology (AFT) data. Table S1: Carbonate δ13C (‰VPDB) and δ18O (‰VPDB) isotopic results and mean values; descriptions of samples and outcrops; interpretations of depositional environments. Table S2: Descriptions, interpreted paleoenvironments and references for locations in Figure 11. Table S3: U-Pb data unknowns. Table S4: U-Pb Temora-2 standard data. Table S5: Statistical analysis of detrital zircon data. Table S6: Location of detrital zircon samples.