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Supplemental Material: Geophysical extent of the Wyoming Province, western USA: Insights into ancient subduction and craton stability

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posted on 2022-05-19, 16:45 authored by Paul A. Bedrosian, Carol D. Frost

(1) A published compilation of U-Pb zircon, monazite, titanite and baddeleyite age determinations of igneous and metamorphic rocks from the WP and adjacent areas. This compilation is provided as both an Excel spreadsheet (B36417_SuppMat1.xls) and shapefile ( (2) A compilation of published magnetotelluric studies over known suture zones (B36417_SuppMat2.xls). (3) A report and spreadsheet (B36417_SuppMat3.xls) documenting a newly reported U-Pb zircon age on gneiss sample 04SP-QF from the Wind River Range, Wyoming. (4) Figures summarizing the data fit of the final 3-D resistivity model.