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Supplemental Material: Genesis of volcanic-hosted Cu vein deposits in the foreland fold-thrust belt, southeastern Tibetan Plateau: Insights from ore geology, C-O-S-Pb-Cu isotopes and fluid inclusions at Wenyu

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posted on 2023-05-24, 19:06 authored by Xiang Sun, Jun Deng, et al.

Table S1: Descriptions of samples. Table S2: Electron microprobe data and calculated formulas of sulfides from the Wenyu Cu deposit. Table S3: Microthermometric data of fluid inclusions. Table S4: In-situ oxygen isotope data for quartz at Wenyu. Table S5: In-situ sulfur-oxygen isotope data for sulfates at Wenyu. Table S6: In-situ sulfur isotope data for sulfides at Wenyu.