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Supplemental Material: Finding a VOICE in the Southern Hemisphere: A new record of global organic carbon?

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posted on 08.09.2022, 21:58 authored by Ralf J. Weger, et al.

Figure S1: Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous integrated time scale modified from Gale et al. (2020) and the other guy Hesselbo et al. (2020). Figure S2: (A) Measured Isotope data (δ13Corg, δ15Norg, δ13Ccarb, δ18Ocarb) from 6 different sections (PC13, PC14, PC03, PC12, PC10, and PC11) at Puerta Curaco Sequence 4 of the Vaca Muerta. (B) Coefficients of Variation, a quantitative measure of lateral deviation for each of the measured Isotope values. Figure S3: Whisker plots of isotope data, carbonate content, and total organic carbon from lithologic sections measured at Puerta Curraco, Aguada de los Tamariscos, and Pampa Tril illustrating the data for the entire covered time interval (gray) and separated by age intervals (Tith.—Tithonian, Berr.—Berriasian, Val.—Valanginian).