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Supplemental Material: Fault zone architecture and lithology-dependent deformation mechanisms of the Himalayan frontal fold-thrust belt: Insights from the Nahan Thrust, India

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posted on 23.06.2022, 18:09 authored by Dyuti Prakash Sarkar, et al.

Figure S1: Samples from the fault core. Figure S2: X-ray diffraction patterns of undeformed and fault core rocks. Figure S3: (A) Backscattered electron image showing the elemental mapping area of the ultrafine band and adjacent area. (B–F) Elemental maps using electron dispersive spectroscopy, and representing abundance as the relative intensities of the corresponding colors. Table S1: Centrifugation parameters for grain size fractionation of samples for X-ray diffraction analysis. Table S2: Representative electron probe micro analyzer data. Table S3: GPS locations (WGS84) of sample collection points.