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Supplemental Material: Environmental and trilobite diversity changes during the middle-late Cambrian SPICE event

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posted on 2023-03-10, 16:31 authored by Lei Zhang, et al.

Supplemental Text S1: Chronostratigraphy of the Middle and Upper Cambrian, Paleogeographic and paleoenvironmental background for the SPICE sections, and Methods. Figure S1: Correlation of trilobite zones between South China and Laurentia. Figure S2: Evaluation of diagenesis in the Wangcun and Duibian sections. Figure S3: Crossplots of UEF versus Al, MoEF versus Al, P2O5 versus Fe2O3, P2O5 versus TOC and P2O5 versus CaO for the Wangcun and Duibian sections. Table S1: Summary of SPICE sections with paired δ13C and δ34S data. Table S2: Geochemical data of Wangcun, Duibian A and Duibian B sections.