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Supplemental Material: Detrital zircon record of Phanerozoic magmatism in the southern Central Andes

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posted on 20.03.2021, 00:47 authored by T.N. Capaldi, et al.
Text S1: Analytical metadata. Table S2: Pleistocene–Holocene Andean volcanos and slab geometry. Table S3: Pleistocene–Holocene volcanic arc width and melt depth calculations. Table S4: Bedrock geochronology and location compilation. Table S5: Mesozoic–Cenozoic slab angle calculations. Table S6: Detrital zircon U-Th-Pb data. Table S7: Detrital zircon Hf data. Table S8: Detrital zircon U-Th-Pb data compilation. Table S9: Zircon Lu-Hf data compilation.


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