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Supplemental Material: Cross-basin chronostratigraphic correlation of carbonate succession (Llandovery, Michigan Basin, USA) using global carbon δ13Ccarb isotope excursions

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posted on 2023-09-06, 13:28 authored by Mohammed Al-Musawi, et al.

Figure S1: Proposed stratigraphic relationship between the Cabot Head Shale, Lime Island, and Byron formation in area between the Lemcool #1 core (Locality I, Fig. 2; mid-ramp) and Composite 2 (inner ramp). The proposed relationship shows the possibility of a stratigraphic trap in locations where the younger Cabot Head Shale and Lime Island Formation (Ae2) are overlying the older (Ae1) Lime Island and Byron formations. Figure S2: (A) Burrowed/bioturbated lime mudstone within the Early Aeronian CIE (2485.6-2485.9 m; Locality J, Fig.2; Composite 3). (B) Dark gray structureless lime mudstone within the Late Aeronian CIE (2471.9-2472.2 m; Locality J, Fig.2; Composite 3). Table S1: stable carbon isotope values of samples analyzed in the current study sorted by locality.