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Supplemental Material: Airblasts caused by large slope collapses

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posted on 2020-07-13, 20:39 authored by Ivanna M. Penna, et al.
Figure S1. Sequence of satellite images showing the evolution of Yumthang rock avalanche; Figure S2. (A) View of the detachment zone of the Yumthang rock avalanche. Main discontinuities are indicated. (B) Hillshade with indication of the main sets of iscontinuities. The arrows indicate the downstream direction of the valleys. (C) Stereographic plots (Equal angle, lower hemisphere) with the kinematic analysis overlain. (D) General hillshade and satellite image showing the location of the detachment zone at the confluence of two valleys; Figure S3. Picture and schematic illustration of airblast interacting with the tree trunk on the distal part of the Yumthang airblast damage area; Table S1. Main discontinuities affecting the granite at the Yumthang headscarp.