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Supplemental Material: A sub-centennial-scale optically stimulated luminescence chronostratigraphy and late Holocene flood history from a temperate river confluence

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posted on 05.05.2020, 22:18 authored by Ben Pears
S1–S16; Figures S1 (sediment accumulation rate modeled by OxCal and Bacon) and S2 (relative moisture values between OSL and LOI analytical methods); Table S1 (OSL procedure from the Rivers Severn-Teme confluence at Powick, UK); and Data Sets S1 (raw data for the modeled calendric dates, sediment accumulation rate, and sedimentological analyses), S2 (raw and log normalized data for ITRAX XRF analysis and key elements Zr, Rb, Fe, Mn, and heavy metals illustrated in Fig. 2), S3 (individual raw data sets for each 5 cm pOSL run alongside a background sediment sample and a summary sheet of all data and replicates), S4 (raw data, log normalized data, and statistical analysis used in the agglomerative hierarchical cluster analysis illustrated in Fig, 2), S5 (calculated log data of sedimentary analyses by 50 yr period and the statistical analysis used in the principal component analysis illustrated in Fig. 3), and S6 (20 yr grouping for the sediment deposition models for the Severn-Teme confluence at Powick, Broadwas, and Buildwas and climatic datasets illustrated in Fig. 4)