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Supplemental material: Three-dimensional geologic modeling of the Santa Rosa Plain, California

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journal contribution
posted on 01.06.2010 by Donald S. Sweetkind, Emily M. Taylor, Craig A. McCabe, Victoria E. Langenheim, Robert J. McLaughlin
Geosphere, June 2010, v. 6, p. 237-274, doi:10.1130/GES00513.1, Plate 3 - Maps showing discretized results from three-dimensional (3D) stratigraphy model, solid volume 3D texture class model, and attribute strat_text (see text) for layers 11–16. Thin horizontal and vertical lines portray the grid cell discretization, which consists of 168 rows and 157 columns of square cells 660 ft (~198 m) on a side. The locations of drill holes that are deep enough to penetrate the upper surface of each layer, and thus serve as a point of geologic information for that layer, are shown on the stratigraphy maps. File size is 105 MB.



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