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Supplemental material: Palinspastic reconstruction of Proterozoic basement-related aeromagnetic features in north-central New Mexico: Implications for Mesoproterozoic to late Cenozoic tectonism

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posted on 04.05.2020 by S.M. Cather, K.E. Karlstrom, J.M. Timmons, M.T. Heizler
Geosphere, October 2006, v. 2, p. 299-323, doi: 10.1130/GES00045.1. Figure 4B - Palinspastic reconstruction of aeromagnetic map showing control points 1–9 (see text), reconstructed regional aeromagnetic features (dashed where location is inferred), Jemez volcanic lineament, and CD-ROM (Magnani et al., 2005b) seismic reflection line. File size is 33.2 MB.