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Supplemental material: Origins of large crescent-shaped bedforms within the axial channel of Monterey Canyon, offshore California

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posted on 22.11.2010 by Charles K. Paull, William Ussler III, David W. Caress, Eve Lundsten, Jacob A. Covault, Katherine L. Maier, Jingping Xu, Sean Augenstein
Geosphere, December 2010, v. 6, p. 755-774, doi:10.1130/GES00527.1, Supplemental Figure 3 - PDF file of photographs of the surface of longitudinally split vibra cores that are schematically illustrated in text Figure 8 showing the variation in lithologies within the 18 core transect 1 extending along the canyon axis (text Fig. 3). Cores are arranged from west to east in the same order as in text Figure 8; Part A consists of the westernmost 6 cores (V3045 VC-Q, V3040 VC-L, V3038 VC-J, V3049 VC-K, V3037 VC-I, and V3036 VC-H); Part B consists of the middle 6 cores (V3035 VC-G, V3033 VC-E, V3041 VC-M, V3034 VC-F, V3032 VC-D, and V3031 VC-C); and Part C consists of the eastern 6 cores (V3030 VC-B, V3046 VC-R, V3020 VC-A, V3042 VC-A, V3043 VC-O, and V3044 VC-P). Core liner has a 7.8 cm inside diameter. File size is 0.3 MB.



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