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Supplemental material: Geological data extraction from lidar 3-D photorealistic models: A case study in an organic-rich mudstone, Eagle Ford Formation, Texas

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journal contribution
posted on 10.04.2014 by Daniel Minisini, Miao Wang, Steven C. Bergman, Carlos Aiken
Geosphere, June 2014, v. 10, p. 610-626, doi:10.1130/GES00937.1, Animated Figure 4 - Three-dimensional photorealistic outcrop model DR6 showing the lower Eagle Ford Formation characterized by lenticular and sheet-like limestone beds. Top of the model, corresponding to top of the outcrop, shows a higher degree of weathering, hence more fissile rocks. Note the 1-m-long scale with 10 cm alternating white-black segments (see Fig. 2 for location). File size is ~142 MB.



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