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Supplemental material: Geologic and structural controls on rupture zone fabric: A field-based study of the 2010 Mw 7.2 El Mayor–Cucapah earthquake surface rupture

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journal contribution
posted on 13.05.2015 by Orlando J. Teran, John M. Fletcher, Michael E. Oskin, Thomas K. Rockwell, Kenneth W. Hudnut, Ronald M. Spelz, Sinan O. Akciz, Ana Paula Hernandez-Flores, Alexander E. Morelan
Geosphere, June 2015, v. 11, p. 899-920, doi:10.1130/GES01078.1, Supplemental File 1 - A) and (B) Google Earth KMZ and ArcGIS shapefiles, respectively, containing detailed mapping of the surface rupture from high-resolution optical imagery and lidar-based topography. Scarp traces are classified by their relative magnitude of coseismic slip. File 1A (KMZ file) can be viewed in Google Earth. File 1B is a zipped directory containing shapefile and associated files for viewing in ArcGIS.



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