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Supplemental Material: Geologic controls on up-dip and along-strike propagation of slip during subduction zone earthquakes from a high-resolution seismic reflection survey across the northern limit of slip during the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule earthquake, offshore Chile

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journal contribution
posted on 01.12.2019 by Anne M. Tréhu, Bridget Hass, Alexander de Moor, Andrei Maksymowicz, Eduardo Contreras-Reyes, Emilio Vera, Michael D. Tryon
Geosphere, December 2019, v. 15, no. 6, 1751-1773, doi:10.1130/GES02099.1, Supplemental Material. Includes additional examples of seismic data, a gravity map of the study region, and a comparison of the morphology of the deformation front in the study region to that of the deformation front near 39°S.