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Supplemental Material: Seismic attenuation tomography of the Sn phase beneath the Turkish-Iranian Plateau and the Zagros mountain belt

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posted on 2022-06-24, 22:28 authored by A. Kaviani, et al.

Figure 3. (interactive) Map of raypaths with Sn propagation efficiencies. Raypaths are color coded according to their respective efficiency (red, blocked Sn; green, inefficient Sn; blue, efficient Sn). Figure 3 is interactive. Please open the PDF with Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Raypaths can be toggled on and off using the Acrobat (PDF) Layers panel in the Acrobat navigation pane (vertical bar on left side of window). Click the “Layers” icon to display available layers; turn layers on or off by clicking the box to the left of the layer name.


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