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Supplemental Material: The Chief Joseph dike swarm of the Columbia River flood basalts, and the legacy data set of William H. Taubeneck

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posted on 27.05.2020 by M.C. Morriss, et al.
Supplemental Tables. Table S1: Location of Dr. William H. Taubeneck’s (WHT) mapped dike midpoints, each dike’s host rock, bearing, azimuthal direction, and segment length. Table S2: Digitized WHT journal entries denoting each dike observation made during his 50-year career. Table S3: Geochemical re-analysis results from Washington State University X-ray fluorescence laboratory. Table S4: Dike width measurements from original field work and WHT notebooks. Tables S5−S7: Locations of mapped bearing, azimuthal direction, and segment length for Ice Harbor (Table S5), Monument (Table S6), and Steens Dikes (Table S7).