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Supplemental Material: Ligurian hyperextended continental margin preserved in an ophiolitic block at Timpa di Pietrasasso, Calabrian Arc, southern Italy

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posted on 2022-02-15, 23:16 authored by David H. Shimabukuro, Claire Battistella
Figure S1: (Ce/Yb)N versus (Dy/Yb)N discrimination diagram of Saccani (2015) with G-MORB indicating a garnet-influenced MORB. Figure S2: P-T estimates of hornblende in gabbro based on the Al- and Ti-in-hornblende semiquantitative thermobarometer of Ernst and Liu (1998). Figure S3: Cathodoluminescence of zircons from an albitite segregation at Timpa di Pietrasasso with LA-ICP-MS 206Pb/238U dates. Detail shown for the three youngest zircons that show oscillatory zoning; laser pit is visible in images. Full data shown in Table S1. Table S1: U-Pb geochronologic analyses. Table S2: LA-ICP-MS analytical settings.


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